China Before Communism

China was once called “Land of the Divine.” There was a time when divine beings walked the earth, imparting wisdom that gave birth to medicine, dance, music, & martial arts... A splendid culture flourished in China for 5,000 years.

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A Divine Culture Lost - Shen Yun Performing Arts

A Divine Culture – Lost

Ancient Chinese civilization–infused with Buddhist and Taoist spirituality and values–thrived for thousands of years until communism seized power. Today, much of this divinely inspired culture has been destroyed or forgotten.

Darkness Spreads from China

Decades of communist struggle brought terrible human suffering upon the Chinese people. And now, the darkness of this tyranny reaches beyond China’s borders causing suffering and panic all around the world.

The World in Pain - Rediscover Hope The World in Pain - Rediscover Hope

Hope and Renewal

Shen Yun brings you a message of hope and strength for battling darkness with courage, overcoming adversity with wisdom.

The gong resounds, the curtain opens, and a heavenly scene is right before your eyes. Fairies emerge from a sea of billowing clouds. Mongolians ride on horseback across grasslands as vast as the sky. Classic stories of love and faith, of humor and heroic deeds, of divine intervention, all come to life on stage.

Shen Yun Returns

Shen Yun presents the vibrant, exciting, and profound essence of Chinese culture, ushering in a grand renaissance.

Witness the beauty.
Behold the drama.
Reconnect with the divine.
This is China before communism.

Audience Reviews

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  • It was encouraging. It gave me hope that even in places and times of oppression and darkness, so much light can come out of that.
    —Paul Skousen, professor and author
  • It’s life-changing, you’ll walk away feeling positive, and like you want to help the world be a better place.
    —Andrea Preisler, actress and therapist
  • I would have come under any circumstances.
    —Jim Lahrman, former director of Water Quality Control
  • It brings great hope... Truly a touch of heaven.
    —Daniel Herman, former minister of culture of the Czech Republic