Music of Shen Yun

Melodies That Capture the Spirit of Ancient China

How do you create the perfect harmony of East and West?

Shen Yun has succeeded in doing what many have tried and failed at: seamlessly blending both Chinese and Western instruments in one orchestra. Where else can you hear traditional Chinese instruments—like the soulful erhu and the delicate pipa—alongside violins, trumpets, and clarinets?

Shen Yun takes musical storytelling to a whole new level by combining the exquisite beauty of Chinese melodies with the grandeur of the Western orchestra. It’s a sound like no other. Discover for yourself why Shen Yun’s orchestra—which accompanies every performance, live—is garnering praise from leading musicians around the world.

  • Dancing for the Divine
  • Creation

Resounding Voices of Hope

Every performance is heightened by moving selections from the company’s classical singers—vocalists who have undergone exclusive training to master an ancient bel canto technique that was once lost. Each vocal piece is specially written for Shen Yun performances. With profound lyrics that probe the mysteries of life, these songs transcend the boundaries of race and culture, resounding with a message of hope and peace.

  • “The Purpose of Life”

All-New Program

Shen Yun 2023