A Divine Culture

Enter the Gates of a Lost Civilization

Since the dawn of Chinese civilization, Chinese culture has been rooted in spiritual traditions. The ancients believed that their culture was divinely inspired. They told of divinities bestowing wisdom from the heavens, and believed that good is always rewarded and evil gets its due.

These beliefs endured five millennia, until the Chinese Communist Party seized power some 60 years ago. Since then, the atheist regime has sought to destroy all remnants of China’s cultural and spiritual heritage.

But now, we invite you to revisit this lost civilization, and see how Shen Yun is reviving authentic traditions through music and dance. While you can’t see a performance like this in China today, outside of China—where the arts enjoy freedom from censorship—you can.

Here is your chance to enter a world where fantasy becomes reality, and where faith and hope are rediscovered.

All-New Program

Shen Yun 2024